Why Worshipping Idols Doesn’t Work And How Honoring Spirit Does – 3 Source Keys To Love & Power

Why Worshipping Idols Doesn’t Work And How Honoring Spirit Does – 3 Source Keys To Love & Power

why worshipping idols doesn't work

Idols don’t give you power. Source does. This is why worshipping idols doesn’t work and why honoring spirit does. In the scramble of those seeking to understand and make productive use of religion and spirituality, oftentimes the points are missed.

People may see idols or someone that are with fascinated or infatuated with and think they are given power from it.

In actuality, they are loving what they are seeing and love is returning to them from Source. They are being charged from within. Exercising their spirit & virtue in the self allows them to shine in their own skin.

If you are not worshipping Source love and power, then what are you worshipping? Every representation of God, seeks to open you up to the God that you are and ultimately the highest God as Source. It is only the wily discordant energies/entities that seek to induce fear and feed off of your energy who hide behind idols. Worshipping idols doesn’t work especially if you don’t know who you are worshipping or don’t know where your Source love and power comes from.

It is believed that these beings, of void, darkness & boundless spiritual lack(love, light) feed on humans, because we have the power of Gods in our life force. To feed on your love and light when you’re worshipping idols causes you to fail to see what lies in wait. They are waiting to take your life juice.

You know worshipping idols doesn’t work when you have prayed to a false GOD for years, and your life is still the same. NO power has been added unto you, and you have gained no felt response in trying to interact through the spirit in this way.

Keep your life juicy, and don’t let beings whom hide and don’t show their faces or know their real names(because again, their light has left them). In this discourse we look at how worshipping idols doesn’t work and how honoring spirits does as well as 3 Source keys to Love and Power to help you come closer to know the spirit of your life.

The real reason Worshipping idols Doesn’t work

It is said that humanity, in its earlier history was greatly attached to the idea of worshipping idols. It is easy to worship a GOD that you can see. It takes real faith to go by other intangible means alone, but in this time we don’t have to. We have ways of working with the spirit that can show the presence here and now.

Great golden calves, burning bushes and parting seas make for great show, but here in our modern times our approach is still different. In essence of the nature of time we are in, we are seeking to evolve past worshipping idols and false gods.

The Greatest of God can’t be seen. The nature of life & light is source love and power. Light has the power to sever through darkness and light the way, or even to blind you completely.

The real reason worshipping idols doesn’t work is because you are giving your power away. If you are worshipping in this way then you are also likely failing to make the connection between that divine power and you, which is also one of your key abilities unto Source love and power.

The power of offering praise towards spirit provides you with something you can use, exhibiting commonly also as virtue in the self, strength to go on & raw the gumption to execute what is needed of you for your journey.

Honoring that which isn’t life

As you honor things that are not life, you are not fed back into the soul. When you shine your attention towards something you give it your light. You are a conscious spirit and a void, as the Creatrix itself, and being children thereof, as you honor the Creatrix and life you are filled. 

With Source, exaltation leads to Reunification.

If you turn to honor illusions like clothing brands, individuals you are infatuated with, or idols you admire a great deal, you submit the light filled power of your conscious witness to something that does not reciprocate this power back to you as your parent do. 

Love what loves you back. The reciprocation of energy between spirits is real. If you were the type to dismiss metaphysics and spirituality, then you will need to wake up. The world is a lot more than what you see with your two little eyes.

Honoring that which isn’t life, adds your profit into a place where it cannot be held. Into a place where it cannot be stored up, to edify spirit or your own life. 

You wouldn’t take your money to a bank that you knew was not secure and surely not if you thought there was even the slightest chance that your money would not be there someday when you needed it most.

Fearful and hidden spirits who aren’t of the light could hide behind idols, masquerading as who you seek to commune with. They have been known to grant you wishes in exchange for the most despicable of collateral. Beings who are voids of torment are no one you want to associate with as human beings, being of love and light. 

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Honoring virtue in the self

Patience. Goodwill. Compassion. Trust. These things are the treasures within the spirit. Understand that these things make up the virtue in the self. A shape of aliveness be taken, adopted by choice. Virtue is like a suit to wear, and you can be of no other character as you wear your suit of virtue.

As colors make up a rainbow, its separate facets of itself make up the actual conscious corners of the soul. The spiritual person aspects of them that make them, THEM. 

These virtues in the self are intimately close to aliveness itself, and it is said that virtues are the good children of aliveness itself. The thing that happens when your honoring spirit and virtue in the self is you become enriched. That power is added into you and you have a renewed zest for life.

All engines within you have been supercharged with an most potent fuel, igniting fires that put off your radiance to the world.

the power of offering praise towards spirit

You are a star. Time to shine your light!

Source love and power

Love what loves you back. The Creatrix is perfect in its design. Intelligence… Raw power… Creative potential. The Creatrix loves you and you can feel this as you step onto the Earth and take that first deep morning breath to awaken yourself.

As a parent, the Creatrix loves you with everything it gives and provides and by the way that it embraces you in its space by continually feeding you more and more life force.

How could it ever be right to worship something more than this? There is nothing more that the Creation and the spirit of the Creation itself. You are part of a living whole matrix of souls & life.

Love is the glue that binds. The inner fabric that lies everywhere and cannot be broken. You cannot find one end to another, for the reach is too great, along with the infinite height and breadth of the Creator which cannot be known. The depth to which virtue in the self goes can only be understood when we can witness the transcendence deep within our energetic DNA and fabric.

The power of offering praise towards spirit

Honoring God/Self/Creatrix leads you back to Source. The act of praising GOD or God exaltation can ring your vibration to Godhood. The love needed to show this kind of praise is rare and super reverent. 

Honoring spirit leads you to the realization of what you are on a core level. You are the child of Creation spirit whom first shew praise unto the Creator.

If is said that the child of Creation upon being birthed into being through light and pure source aliveness first shew praise unto the Creator/Creatrix for it’s life.

A cosmic birth. So much power to be endowed with. What could be the thoughts and goings-on of a being such as this? The power of offering praise towards spirit can be felt when showing honor by way of praise.

The feeling you get when you are showing love in the direction of something that has the power to love you back in force is no simple thing. As you pray or praise successfully, you receive an energy blessing from Source back to your fields. Power out means power back in to us. This should be honored always.

Honoring Patience

Honoring Patience has a wealth of benefits for the human in terms of self mastery and tempering of the spirit. Patience can be seen as a very calm and relaxed peacefulness. A peacefulness that is not attached to or obsessed with any outcome.

Patience possesses a contentment in the now moment that exhibits itself as a moving and masterful way and behavior. Patience is a gentle spirit that waits ever so patiently for whom it holds an alert and watchful eye for. With this honoring virtue in the self, we help master and temper the beast the seeks to tear our now moment away from mastery in the spirit.

Patience can be a virtue that is overlooked by the idea that patience in an inert virtue, when this could not be further from the truth. Patience requires great power to be still in a world that seeks to tear peace from your heart at any and every chance it gets. Patience is foundationally powerfully crafted with with subtle tones of mastery and trustworthiness in the now.

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source love and power

Honoring Thankfulness

Thankfulness acknowledges and appreciates what is being performed in the moment. Thankfulness reverberates with a deep and lasting resonance that burrows into the soul. You are honoring virtue in the self as you practice thankfulness throughout the day to your fellow man.

You will witness the power of offering praise towards spirit when you have refined your relationship with Source Love and power and are regularly drawing from Source with a practiced commune. Worshipping idols doesn’t work because that is not where the power lies in the spirit of us.

It lies within the virtue in the self that hides until the personage is ready to handle the weight of light and response-ability that comes with it. The power of offering praise towards spirit summons great light and virtue to embody your most divine and thankful presence.