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Blown Away by 5D World – 4 5th Dimensional Shock and Awe Marvels Humanity Will Love

Our New 5d world awaits. Our civilization is reaching a boiling point all over the world where people are rising up for change. While the world is busy fighting, there are those who are directing their energy into something that draws to us a marvel we have long held in wait for. 

The way our modern world works is not working for everyone. Change is being demanded everywhere. Change is also being demanded in the hearts of those who are looking ahead. 

They are looking ahead, anxiously awaiting marvels to hit our shores, with paradigm shifting power. Marvels that we previously thought impossible. With the energies rising, the shock and awe scenarios & marvels have yet to begin. We are reaching an energy level that will birth them for the new era. 

When they do you, will see that the ultimate marvel in this time, is us. The life that we would have made brighter will bring to us awesome marvels to behold. Here are 4 5th dimensional marvels that we have to look forward to in our sparkling new 5d world & future.

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5d Travel/ 5th Dimensional Flight

Seeing the greatest depths of Mother Earth with your own eyes. Seeing the great Mother Earth’s body from up above, seeing its beauty and splendor. Flying above the great blue and green, knowing what Mother Earth truly is and squashing the debate. To see the shape of the world as it actually is, is impossible for humans nowadays without some sort of vehicle to fly into the air with.

Though after the right activations, it will be commonplace. Those among the first to transform, will be able to see Mother Earth above the clouds as a sovereign Earth dwelling cosmic solar light body individual. A divine child of creative expression as we were meant to be. 

With the child of creation comes the opening up of the Merkabah. Soaring through the air your merkabah can fly and teleport you through the system and back. The Merkabah is a marvel to see itself. Not only can it take you places, but it can create the place too. Your merkabah is your star, and it is the body of the child of creation. It is also something that can interface with the Creation to create. It is said that the Creation/Creatrix gave that child of creation everything. The merkabah is one of the keys to that everything.

Having the ability of flight is invaluable for the human’s 5d divine experience. Never before has the world been filled with such wondrous potential as it has now turning over in frequency into the 5th world. Your 5D world has all the space you could ever need to play and explore in. 

5d Abilities

5th dimensional resonance makes possible the shifting of our world to fit our liking more accurately. A decision can be made and within seconds the results of the idea can be made manifest. 

With this same vibratory rate of the 5d new realm, we will learn how to shape our bodies to our liking as well with only a thought. Having bodies make of water crystal and light, makes them very permeable to our thought and intentions. If we want it to look a certain way it is only a wish away.

Greater ommunication with the Mother Earth, The Animal & Elementals Kingdoms

Communicating with her wildlife you are able to navigate and welcome all whom you come in contact with. At this point the Animal Kingdom knows you serve Mother Earth and thus them. 

When humans are able to interact with Mother Earth on another level of understanding our synchronicity and oneness will be a thing of exquisite beauty. 

Imagine the shock and awe of liberating animals from a zoo, by simply being able to talk to them, and exiting the premises with them all at your heel. Such shock and awe would be nothing less than divine. The bridging of kingdoms is the time we are in folks. 

Not only will talking to the animal kingdom give you closeness with everything, it will allow us to understand the experience of something on Earth that we would not normally have the pleasure of communicating with.

Being in service to Mother Earth in a deeper way will give a greater sense of purpose. Feeling your connection, drawing love and power from that connection as well as the energy of good service drawn to you from the Creatrix itself. 

Immortality – 5d living 

Humans have long thought the idea of immortality was simply not possible in this realm. More accurately, not at this vibration. Also, surely not with the state of humans these days. So much of what gave humans long life in their early history are simply not the circumstances anymore here on Earth.

The nature of spirit and souls, we know that they, as energy, will live on as energy and only change forms. 

Experiencing a life without worry, for the common folk, will be a dream like no other. To put away all disease and infirmities will be magical and amazing. Age regression across the board will put souls on a level playing field, and we will all know the divinity of each other in a holy & intimate way. 

“ And in those dreams… I saw grand menagerie of glass mansions in the sky, like an array of easter baskets onto ones’ self, set as light structures in the sky over fluorescent and transparent hills and mountain tops. And each was a journey of wonder onto itself, to its visitors and to the master who created it.”

– REV Miles ~(dream prayer series)

Having a grand and unlimited experience is something only the Most High as the Creation can provide. With anything being possible even grand homes underground would be a cozy curiosity to modern day surface dwellers. 

Experiencing The Life of Off Worlders

Experiencing other galactic human culture would be an adventure of its own to be sure. To experience, at that vibration, a physical delight such as their food delicacies would be no less than out of this world. Arcturians, Sirians, Pleiadians, Andromedans and more are waiting to meet us just outside this vibration. 

The change of meeting off worlders either this thrills you or it frightens you. Few are indifferent in terms of off worlders knowing their technology could really serve the everyday man a great deal in his everyday life.

So much will be revealed about our history and origins. The majority of the population will come to find that they have been lied to an astronomical scale. Extraterrestrials and off worlders will confirm many things that we thought could be true.

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5th Dimensional Creation Codes Mystery

This broadens the scope of our experience in ways stated here and in ways that are yet to be revealed. You could live in one space, and yet still have 8 or more dreams/realms occupying that one space at different frequencies. Reading between the lines and seeing all of the realms is one of the magical wonders of full consciousness and being a fully reunified Child of Creation. 

The New Earth 5d world will hold our classics in everything we liked about our time with non of the stuff we didn’t need. A blissful experience is what all God’s children will have available to them in a 5th dimensional world experience. 

As Source can power our every manifestation with ease, there’s nothing that will be off limits. 

Using creation codes to create what we have never created before. Source Creation is the All. This is Source Creation’s way of giving its children the power to create what never was, to create something new. It is said in Old Christ spoken scriptures that the Creation gave the child everything so that it could be master of everything in all the realms. 

A world adorned with the new, sparkling divine glow of a new 5d world, dimension and vibe. 

The 5d world awaits the renewed children of the sun. The new 5th world of 5d new earth is a dream away into a realm of marvels.

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Why Buying Essante Organics Makes Sense? – 5 Common Sense Shifts To Heal & Thrive In The 2020’s

Buying Essante Organics for you and your family helps change the world one purchase at a time. The plague and mystery of what we put in and on our bodies is becoming more clear to we the people as we awaken. With so many unhealthy hidden dangers, and the deliberate actions of those involved to hide the truth of those dangers, how can the products pushed by the too big to fail brands involved even be trusted?

It is common sense. If you don’t know what something is, you don’t put it in your body. We have become too accustomed to assuming that what’s in our household that’s typically bought to clean our homes or our bodies from well known companies is safe to use. Though many of the chemicals used have been linked to organ failure, disease and even cancers. 

Are you fully aware of everything you put in your body? 

Here we discuss 5 common sense shifts that will help heal you and your family naturally when buying essante organics and using them regularly instead of other toxic brands.

#1 Avoid Unhealthy Hidden Dangers

We are becoming more awakened to all the hidden dangers that lie on the ingredients list of many of our everyday foods and household products. 

Many things in our home are labeled as harmful if inhaled, swallowed or when coming in contact with our skin. Household cleaners and detergents we know to be harmful and which is why we are very careful with their use. 

Though did you know? That there are things that ARE NOT labeled as harmful, though have some of the SAME INGREDIENTS as those detergents and cleansers? These as well as other chemicals you would not want to put in your body. Though you could be doing that very thing if you are not aware of the chemicals that in your everyday products that you give to you and your family. 

Common sense tells you why you must buy essante organics and other products like them to avoid the cancer causing & disease epidemic in modern societies that no one seems to know the cause of. 

Though it is known. Toxins are the hidden killers. The world is waking up to the fact that many of those in power-player positions in industry DO NOT put public health over profits, but unfortunately the exact opposite. 

The world over is being bombarded with GMO’s, unknown chemicals, msg’s and more. The apocalypse of legend, as it is written, will reveal everything. Everything that is hidden, will come to light, and be challenged in its truest service to humanity. 

A grand variety of things that we consume on a daily basis are simply not the best for us. Cancer is an epidemic in this country and people who are given millions for cancer have no solutions for the common everyday person and family. 

With cancer and disease at epidemic levels in this country it is no wonder people are suffering from all kinds of infirmities. Choosing to surround yourself with things that are clearly toxic free is your first step in moving to heal and thrive.

Shift & Thrive

#2 Transfer Your Spending And Support Toxic Free

The big name companies clearly have prioritized profits and do not have our best interest at heart even in terms of our food and households cleaners and products. The truth of what is being put into our bodies to not fully known to all of us in our modern 3d world. 

Essante Organics has organic and wildcrafted organic ingredients in its products. Every time you use something harmful chemically it is added into the bloodstream shortly after applying it to the skin, inhaled through the lungs or eaten by mouth. Essante products treat you with organic nutrition every time you use deodorant or toothpaste, instead of letting treacherous and unhealthy hidden dangers enter your body. 

This shift alone cutting from everyday poison to added nutrients will dramatically reduce your chances of disease.

Essante has created all organic and plant based everyday household items like dish soap, hand soap, toothpaste, protein powders, cosmetics, tanning lotion, hard candy, laundry soap, an all purpose cleaner, sanitizer and almost everything you would need to maintain the health and cleanliness of your home. This means you can almost completely transfer your spending from toxic chemicals in your home to toxic free. 

You support toxic free as you vote with your dollars. Why support those whom are knowingly poisoning you?

And Yes, this is my blog, and all these links on this page are to my Essante store here when you buy essante organics. Though in truth in this time I wouldn’t have you fear simply that I am just trying to make a sale here. You should be thinking about your health (#1) and who you want to give your money to (#2) as you vote with your dollars, and because you believe that they’re going to go do right in the world.

The BIG names who have controlled this in the past have proven they won’t do right, only when pressured by we the people, and even then seek to hide as much as possible from the public as it suits them.

This is one way we are awakening. It’s time to stop supporting big names brands who put profits over public health, try and hide the truth of what is in their products and collude with other corporations in trying to squash homegrown food freedom and holistic medicine.

Together we need to vote with our dollars and give love to those who care about what they put in the products that we put on and in our bodies everyday.

Vote With Our Dollars

When we vote with our dollars big name companies who poison the masses suffer the greatest thing they can suffer. That is having us turn away and not purchase products from them. When they see they are not clocking as many sales as before, they will see what the people value.

I value companies who put only the most beneficial and nutritious ingredients when creating their home and body care products. It is our responsibility to put power in the hands of those who care about what they make and distribute out to we the people. 

#3 Prevent The Over Acidification Of You Body ph

As the body ph becomes more acidic the body becomes more susceptible to disease. As you use essante organics you are being infused with nutrients that help bring balance to the body ph, as would any increase in nutrient intake. You also fight for the body ph being more alkaline, as these products help alkalize the body. 

Keeping control of how acidic you are in the body is important in the prevention of disease in the body. Over acidification of the body ph will weaken the vibe overall, and will ultimately stifle healing until the environment is made alkaline again. 

All kinds of healing can present when the body is clean and clear from this problem. The mind, our consciousness interface becomes easier to manage when we are not toxic to a great degree.

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#4 Avoid These Toxins And Chemicals 

Toxins are a primary cause of over acidification in the body. To name a few here are some of the more dangerous chemicals you will find in your everyday household products and body care essentials. 

Avoid these unhealthy hidden dangers when you buy other obscure brands or when you buy essante organics. They may not have any effect right away but collectively, they can give you pain and suffering and have you wondering why.

Sometimes allergic reactions can present. I would get canker sores in my mouth until I stop using big name toothpaste brands. Buying essante organics assures you avoid unhealthy hidden dangers and others like these.

Polysorbate 20-80

An emulsifier and de-foamer, Polysorbate 20-80 is not your friend. It is used to create a creaminess to whatever it is added to. The products that this chemical lines make it feel more comfortable to use. Polysorbate may cause reproductive harm. It has been linked to cancer and other mutations, after being tested on animals to such effect. 

Polysorbate 20-80 is found in common everyday soap, shampoo, cream and soaps. Toxins in your shampoo, poisoning you everyday is totally not cool, and you should definitely check if yours has this. 

Propylene Glycol

Would you put the gasoline that you put in your car, in your body? Of course not! 

Propylene Glycol is petroleum based, as if that isn’t bad enough, it is also toxic and highly carcinogenic. If you didn’t know, carcinogens cause cancer, and propylene glycol is linked to breast, brain & cancer of the lymphatic system. They cause mutations that create harmful environments for healthy cells.

Keep your immune system high, as you avoid this disaster. They can be found in shampoos, conditioners & deodorants.

Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate 

This one is definitely a mouthful, and should only be in your mouth to tell others about its dangers. It is an allergen very often, as it is rejected by the body. It also creates a toxic environment for the body, attacking the immune system.

Used as a preservative, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate reacts with synthetic compounds to release Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is of course carcinogenic and should always be avoided. Often masked as a ‘natural preservative’, this one be found in common day products for you skin and hair.  

Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Sodium Laureth Sulfate as well as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate should also be completely avoided. They are both also petroleum based foaming agents and latherers. Highly carcinogenic they can create the environment necessary to cause cancer and disrupt the respiratory system. 

This unhealthy hidden danger is found in shaving creams, body washes & household cleaners. 

Prevent Toxin Overload On The Body

In the past honest, intuitive and well read holistic doctors discovered that the body created ‘mucus’ around toxins and impurities in the body. The body uses the mucus as a coating or ‘catch’. It collects it or traps it in the mucus and tries to dispose of it out of the body. 

If the body and the cells cannot ‘eat’ it to get rid of it, them it must exit the body. Mucus is sticky, and with an over collection of it in the body it becomes problematic. With a toxin overload in the body, the toxins have a negative effects on healthy cells. A cancerous snowballing of acidified diseases will present themselves in the body if the toxins are not released. 

Toxin overload on the body is more taxing than we know. In the past we didn’t have quite all the knowledge from past experience as we do now. We know now that toxin overload is responsible for all kinds of deficiencies and infirmities in the body.

The presence of toxins in the body hinder all kinds of natural processes. For starters, nutrients can not be absorbed properly in the body when there are simply toxins in place of nutrients. While the immune system is busy trying to detox, you are susceptible to all sorts of diseases. This ensures the body is not able to clear waste properly or fight new diseases.

Scientists and doctors have discovered that a build up of toxins in the body are attributed to the onset of cancer and other abnormal problematic abnormalities.

Modern industrialized societies are the worst with toxin build up, as you can see those countries spend the most on health care as well. Advances in technology and the mass production of processed foods have allowed for the regular consumption of chemicals that do not serve us. 

Heal. Shift. Become.

Alongside the foods that we ingest in our mouths we also have the chemicals that people put on their skin and bodies everyday. Even while early in the morning after just waking up during your normal morning routine you could have poisoned yourself with what you put on your skin.

If you are using body and hand soaps, conditioners, shampoo, toothpaste and facial cleansers, it would serve you best to know what is in each of them. 

Sulfates, glycols, parabens, and “fragrances” all hide harmful chemicals and compounds that do not benefit the body and system. Cancer is surely an epidemic in our modern 3d era here in this realm and people wonder why. These things do not come with warning labels to give people fair warning about what they are putting on their skin. 

Think about how many people had to die before they put warning labels on things like cigarettes? 

The Answer?: Too many.  

Go Green And Get Healthy Buying Essante Organics

If you are not looking at what you are putting on your skin or in your mouth you could be poisoning yourself. Avoid these chemicals and protect your family.

#5 Explore The Benefits of Wildcrafted Organic Nutrition

Wildcrafted nutrition come from plants that were harvested in their natural environment. These environments are largely untouched and catch plants in a very raw and nutritious state. This means habitats that were not commercially tampered with.

When fed the proper nutrition the body can do what it does to cleanse the body. Fewer toxins also allow the body to heal. This occurs because the body is better able to absorb nutrients when the immune system is not bombarded by toxin overload. 

Buying essante organics makes a statement that you care about what you put in your body and you are voting with your dollars to help make a change. As we awaken to more unhealthy hidden dangers, we are saying no. When I buy essante organics I choose to support toxic free in an effort to embolden them to expand, and take a stand in not supporting those who have poisoned us for years, and tried to hide the truth of it.

We cannot move forward to heal and thrive while supporting those who refuse to evolve with our changing minds and hearts. 

Nutrient dense, toxic & chemical free, just makes sense. In the interest of fair energy exchange, you want to give your love and energy to support those who help support the health of the public. Buying Essante organics allows you to do just that. 

Protect You And Your Family From Poisons and Plagues That Have Been Put Upon Us For Years

What Does 5D Mean For Humanity? – 4 Marvelous Treasures of Multidimensionality

What does 5d mean for humanity? Its means moving our hearts, minds & bodies into a realm of multi-dimensionality, higher frequencies, endless love & imagination. A 5d resonance will allow you to be conscious of existence in realms you did not previously know existed.

This realm is late to see a marvel. This world has not seen extraordinary marvels, save the ones seen by common day illusionists. Though even those pail in comparison to the divine & awesome once in a lifetime marvels. These are what is needed to have people the greater mass of those not conscious on their spiritual journey excited about returning to full consciousness and the full realization of God Self.

Occupying a 5d space is like sitting in a dream that you touch, taste, feel and be able to control every aspect of it. 

5th dimensional Earth will provide everything the 3D Earth did and more. Every sparkling treasure and deliciousness that can be summoned and dreamed of is available in the higher dimensions as we are ascending with our physicality in this time. 

What does 5d mean for a civilization at the brink of total revolt? Everything. As we are shifting into the 5th world the power for hearts to rise strengthens, and the power for those to play out their malicious intent wanes. This is just one of the many marvels of shifting into the 5th world of love and multidimensionality.

What Does 5d Mean For All Of Us

How does humanity ascend? Our modern civilizations and its people are at many different levels of their spiritual journey. It is said that Mother Earth seeks to take her people with her as she makes her moves ascending into 5D. As one drop of water in the pot starts boiling, the other drops are soon to boil.

5D frequencies provide the chance for humanity to experience an eternal reality. Multiple dimensions do not hold us back, it opens us up to bi-location and a host of other wonderful powers available through the spirit. 

Love. Power. Freedom. Limitlessness. Love being the greatest of them all and prime coin of the realm. A whole and complete 5D consciousness meaning you won’t have to go outside yourself for anything. Between you and Source can have anything. 

Totally self sufficient with source at your back powering your every step of the way, as if Mother Creation itself feeds you from an umbilical cord and you are nourished in every moment. The Creatrix/Creation does this for us through our breath and love, though at drastically depleted levels.

This is due to the nature of what modern over industrialization has done to Mother Earth’s ability to provide pure source mana/life force energy for her children. After the destroying of destroying natural environments and oxygen rich landscapes.

Don’t BE A VICTIM – Know The Shocking Truth!

The “Kings of the Earth” have poisoned everything we consume…This video reveals the horrible truth…

Will I Be Super In The 5th Dimension? 

In the 5th dimension, you will have available to you all the power that exists to the awakened 5D human at your disposal. Achieving a 5d earth shift gives way for the potential to create much faster, understanding the quantum field in a more intimate way.

Being full awake and being able to communicate with the living particles and space that you occupy is something shifting into the 5th dimension will open us to.

Being conscious of things you were not conscious of before, and having them blow your 3d mind is what will naturally happen for the human evolving in this time.

Many wonder and marvels will be an everyday thing after the 5d Earth shift takes place. You will be super when compared to the limitations that we suffer here. Your consciousness will be super, a super 5d consciousness meaning that your thinking mind will be like a super computer with an unfathomable processing speed and a countless number of memory ‘bytes’ to store information.

Add along downloadable information, and the ability to acquire the knowledge needed for any endeavor by intending and pulling through Source, and you have everything a true child of creation needs.

5D Scenes and Cosmic Dreams

4 Marvelous Treasures of Multidimensionality

5th dimension means Multidimensionality. This will bring many awesome things to life for us humans. Living in different realities, creating new realities & experiences, as well as traveling the cosmos through thought alone. Moving with the speed of light, and building a relationship with the Creation in a new way as well as with our star brothers and sisters.

Ascending into 5D opens us up to beings who exist in other realities and frequencies of dimension. We have many other humans races that exist in the cosmos that we will be meeting when our vibrations become more accommodating for beings of who normally occupy higher vibrating realities.  

No Death

Being able to continue to experience a physical experience with a body that is incorruptible and impervious from infirmities of any kind make it the perfect experience for the human. The thought of immortality for our physical body for many people is believed to simply be impossible. 

Many humans believe that death is an inevitability. This breeds fear in the human. Fear of loss of their life. Humans tend to enjoy their life more immensely when they overcome this fear. 

Also the thought of not dying may lead one to believe that if my spirit cannot die, then it stands to reason that we have never died, and have always lived. There is no much still for us to remember. This understanding provides the context for the Akashic Records and the idea that everything that we do is recorded somehow energetically in the records of the Universe and our DNA.

No Death and a history of what was done with a soul before they took a dip into the sea of forgetfulness, as it is written, will all be revealed. We surely have a very exciting future ahead of us, with a treasure trove of mysteries to unveil about ourselves.

Learn More About What 5d Is And How It Changes Everything About Life

5D Crystalline Light Body

A 5d crystalline light body is a marvel to behold itself. The more beautiful of creatures for a spirit to inhabit is a gift and a Universal wonder in its own right.

It is a body vehicle, but one that is able to control its frequency at will. This is necessary to be fit to transverse different dimensions in a flash. Having this body fully realized from 3d to 5d opens us up to the merkabah. Worlds upon worlds occupy the spaces that we do. The light body and merkabah will give us everything we need to make the journey and then some. 

Your power and knowledge is sourced through the multidimensional mind, and you are able to do anything that you set your mind out to do in nearly instantaneous fashion. 

This body will be malleable by thought alone, meaning that shaping it will only be a focus and concentration away from your perfect shape. 

Being multidimensional means that by controlling your resonance, your stepping into another realm of existence would only be a matter of adjusting your frequency to be higher or lower. Changing the channel through which you experience your reality.

5D Delight – No Hunger

After shifting into the 5th there is also no hunger. Humans will not be bothered by the need to nourish ourselves daily with physical food because of our new light body. In this form at this vibration we will only need to feed on light or pure Source Creation. If that were not awesome enough, not needing food does not mean the experience of eating will go away. Eating food at that point will simply be a pleasure and not a necessity.

Would it not be a great tragedy to achieve full consciousness and open up all our senses they were meant to be used to experience physicality to the fullest only to have the delight of food go away? It would be. 

After shifting into the 5th with our 5d frequency of being we will be able to enjoy just as we do here with everything we want and nothing we don’t want about the experience. This experience is surely not going away, this one will only get better. 

5D Adventure

You have a 5d palace as does everyone. Homelessness, poverty, inequality or lack doesn’t exist here. Any and every adventure you can think of you can create and experience. All the excitement, with a mixing in of romance, mystery, a dash of the illusion of danger and … VOILA! We have a divine 5d adventure. 

Equipped with a 5d consciousness meaning your knowledge and power to create will be without limits, and to enjoy everything and not fatigue adds a icing on the cake that is almost too sweet to consume. 

The thought of adventure is exciting to many people but adventure in this world can have deadly consequences if you are not careful. The degradation of vibration and powers that this realm has experienced throughout the centuries have turned us frail, prone to infirmities and disease as we draw less mana from the environment.

Any type of adventure knowing that you will survive and return to your divine self no matter what will be an abundant joy for humanity to witness. This unlimited security provides the type of safety that only a divine experience can provide. 

Humans naturally love adventure and the mystery of the unknown, though it was lined with peril and death here in this world. With a truly divine remaster, we will have an experience of an unlimited nature sure to keep us exploring and fascinated for countless now moments to come. 

Exploring the farthest depths of multidimensionality is an adventure in its own right, embarking on journeys to realms that may occupy the same spaces we do. A world that may be right next to us, while still being total worlds apart. 

How To Start Your 5d Journey

You can start your 5d journey by learning to let go of that which tends to drive your consciousness away from love here in this realm. You will naturally create a 5th dimensional path for yourself endeavoring to maintain a high vibrational resonance as you live your day-to-day life persevering in your quest to retain good karma while living in the 3rd realm.

Mother Earth leaves all the dross created through trauma behind, as she brings her children’s hearts a new divine coherence that carries with it information of the soul. A heart based consciousness aligned with the changing energetics of the new human and Earth’s heart is presenting itself as a catalyst for change. 

In remembering our soul’s path or akashic material, we bring into remembrance knowledge meant for this time to shift onto a 5d consciousness meaning innate knowing that we are all connected on a deeper level. These are meant to help shape the paths of those who serve the greater end of Mother Earth’s transition. 

Your Inner 5th Dimensional Path

You are the crossroad path that is at the fulcrum of all your dreams. You are the master of that center point, you have only forgotten. You do not start the journey when you are conscious of it. You start it when you take your first breath in this world, though being conscious of it makes it tons more fun. You are always on your spiritual journey. Creating our door into heaven, will be writing the play book for the greatest adventure of awakening in our modern era. 

Love & understanding can open the portal of ascending into 5d. Love and understanding help lay a path for one to master themselves, and release the floodgates from the inflow of light from their cosmic beingness. 

What does 5d mean to you? Are all your treasures held where somewhere can steal them? Are your treasures in plain sight for someone to take them or brake them? Nothing will make it from here to the new world except for the souls willing and the things they have kept in their heart as treasures. Ascending into 5d will lock in for us many treasures that the divine wishes to share throughout the Creatrix.

Shifting into the 5th as an infinite being able to experience anything that you desire is the greatest dream of ages. Your new home energy of the 5th world feels like new fabric of a dream, new to the senses and electrifying to the touch.

Know the self, and dream on brother and sister!

The 2020’s Age of Enlightenment – 5 Deep Spiritual Truths To Awaken Yourself


The great age of enlightenment is upon us. Times have evolved, and humans along with it shift with you, as you enlighten yourself. You are stoking the flames that will mold us into our new human. Hearts are turning to spiritual answers and heart based decisions in an upswing of civilization on the brink of revolt.

Pain and suffering have put immense pressure on those hearts who seek nothing other than being made into a diamond. A multifaceted spectrum of love, light and truth so bright, that its shine makes those who hide shudder and those who honor sing with a joyful glee. 

Like spiritual masters of old who sought spiritual truth, mastery & perfection, hours under the pressure of the new energetic climate is stewing our vibe to produce something marvelous in record time. How do you reach enlightenment when the light is being brought to you? Faster.

Not only that, but spiritual truth is coming along to help every one vibe higher, and is being accepted in people’s lives and heart. Here in the 2020’s age of enlightenment, here presented are 5 spiritual truths that are helping to transform us as we know & believe while exploring to a deeper level the us within ourselves.

What does enlightenment mean?

To enlighten means to see past the illusion in this world. It means to be spiritually progressed to a level of consciousness to where you are revealed to your presence in multiple realities. To reach a level in the heart, from where you cannot come back. You cannot easily un-know what is known. After you remember yourself, you enlighten yourself a great degree from you current conscious reality.

You enlighten yourself by the breathe and endeavoring to be conscious of yourself and your interconnectedness with everything around you within the Creatrix. The Creatrix orchestrates souls unto spiritual mastery, knowing deeper and deeper levels of oneself to unlock the most complex and fundamental of spiritual truths.

You are enlightening to the fact that you are one with everything. You enlighten to the fact that everything is condensed consciousness/light, and you are connected to the energy matrix that holds it all together. 

You enlighten yourself to the fact that everyone is on a soul journey of discovering even while helping others self discover. Enlightening means you are opening up to everything that your human eyes didn’t see before.

Master Your Daily Meditation In Three Minutes a Day!

Your daily meditation is key to maintaining stability and controlling your mental and emotional discipline. Help foment a peace in your life through practice.

#1 The Way of Enlightenment

The “way” to enlightenment is the way. The “very path of enlightenment” is in the way you conduct yourself. The way you store your energy and the style at which you spend it. In the way you carry yourself, and it is likely not only the way that you may have seen. In our age of enlightenment we now understand that the great way spoken of old, is simply you conducting yourself in a manner that adds to you and doesn’t take away. 

The conservation of energy in terms of our practice understands that energy must be held in a fashion enabling us to maintain a resonance of being. A frequency that is being nurtured as it is being made stable. This resonance, “is” the being itself, and in greater love/light amounts you will feel it in truth. A greater capacity of love/light has put a heavenly realm around your heart. 

When this being is nurtured to gain more and more speed in frequency than it starts to change the nature of the whole. There was always a way closer to GOD, though the silver linings in the truth has been skewed in misunderstandings from the point of view of western religions. 

What Does Enlightenment mean to you?

Add a comment below this article and tell us what enlightenment means to you. How you are trying to reach Reunification yourself? How are you building your ascension light body in this now?

#2 Our Planet is being taken up into the Light

Mother earth is being flooded by cosmic light and radiation. To say that ‘the light has come’ means that it is time to reveal. To say that the last cavalry is arriving and en route, and that the victory is assured. The apocalypse is upon us.

There are light realms. This realm is meant to shine as well. We have the sun, in our little 3d space that is the living luminary of our sector of Creation. The grander light in this part of the cosmos. 

Our Mother Earth is being showered with intense light here in the age of enlightenment to assist our in advances our vibrations faster than in the past. Highly charged particles are flooding our 3d space. This is not only meant to enlighten us, but to also go a bit further in assisting humans in making a180 degree turn back home to the stars as our soul progresses. 

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How did they reach enlightenment?

It is said that those who found enlightenment were able to be taken up into the light and be removed from this 3d spectrum. Once your body is made into pure light, you will not be limited to three dimensions.  Just as you are a part of your tribe, those whom would share similar vibes, you will resonate with the world wherein your heart resides.

If you are more in love with things of a spiritual nature your heart will beckon to that space. Your spiritual magnetism will pull you in the direction of your heart. We need conscious loving desires to move us in the direction of the intention we are trying to move towards. 

The truth of this path is that it was always there. You seeking to shape yourself into a good person, even the best person you can be has roots in self discipline and mastery. Choosing to shape the self is part and parcel to what enlightenment asks of you. 

The masters traveled into themselves. Uncovered the treasures within themselves that they did not know existed. They sat with those treasures until they were fully understood. Then they were able to travel with them once understanding the underlining spiritual truth.

To slip between the cracks laid between dimension is not something for the faint of heart, or the everyday person in this modern 3d world. Though we will soon find out here as our age of enlightenment comes full head.

#3 Love and Light are Forever

All was born from light and will return to it. All matter is dense light/consciousness put into form. We know now that The Most High GOD is aliveness itself, this is the God of all things that is forever. 

We know that energy cannot be destroyed. It only changes forms from time to time. In our age of enlightenment we understand that that same God that is forever is the very energy of all things that cannot be destroyed, and the source of it. 

If our soul and spirit comes from Source/Most High, then it stands to reason that our soul also is forever.


As Above, So Below. Humans also understand that somehow our bodies come from the Earth and will return to the dust of Mother Earth when our spirits are done exhibiting in this realm.

Our bodies are not forever. Surely not, at the vibration they sit at now. Though in this age of enlightenment we are ascending with our bodies intact. Bringing a truly divine experience to the realm of physicality. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

#4 We are Truly the Sons and Daughters of Love and Light

Being made of love and Light itself, The Creation & consciousness itself, we are the sons and daughters of God. Jesus or any being that claims to be the ‘son of God’ is never the only child of Creation. 

The child/son/daughter of God is a spirit. If man speaks from that spirit, truly, then it will be from that same spirit whom that man has honored within himself. 

The child of Creation is a concept to us humans. The Creation itself has a child. This Child is a spirit and is the master of everything and everyone. This is because it is the personified representation of aliveness itself in all the great realms that are made of light and aliveness itself.

The whole of Creation expressing itself as an individual to experience the realms. This being is ancient, timeless and whose transcendence is only surpassed by the Creation/Creatrix itself. If a separation ever was. The transcendence of Creation/Creatrix and the child or the ‘holy trinity’ cannot not reasonably be measured. Even if men could age all the stars we may still not come close to an age put upon a timeless Creation. 

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 #5 Heaven is a high resonating realm, Not a place for God’s Chosen

Heaven is a term used to describe the higher resonating “Heavenly realms’”. The Universe and Consciousness has made the higher realms accessible to those who have the correct resonance of being. It is not a matter of whether or not God ‘approves’ of you or not. It is a matter of… what is the state of your consciousness?

How deeply have you enlightened yourself? How much love/light have you assumed? How much work have you put into advancing your soul? These are the questions that you should be asking yourself. 

Some would ask if they were a good person. Someone can be a good person and still have many pains and trauma to work through before they can fully open their heart to others. Being a good person mimics spiritual mastery. Not only is it good to do to others that which you would have them do unto you, it is good as a spiritual practice.

Spiritual mastery depends on you and your spirit having the awareness, discipline & gumption to shape your spirit on your own to enlighten yourself.

A full heart opening takes the embodying of a higher spiritual truth as a set program in your conscious reality, negating all other consisting of old programs and the old paradigm and do nothing to serve the shift other to reiterate our loathing for the current program.

Being a good person will help you avoid bad karma, exercise compassion and other good virtues. Exercising compassion and good virtues are a practice that can rise your vibration as you live and exhibit as you always have.

This is a matter of your vibration being compatible with the higher realms. Everything that makes you a good person and advances the spirit matters. Not the religion you subscribed to, or what GOD you swore fealty to, or what God you claimed to be your “Lord and Savior”. 

In our age of enlightenment we are changing from the inside our. To enlighten ourselves in this time is a great feat considering the amount of ill programming put upon us by those in control of what we see everyday on the Tell-a-vision. Let us awaken further to more spiritual truth of our time meant to advance our understanding of our highly charged and evolutionary space.

5d Ascension Timeline – 5 Subtle Reasons The Shift Hangs On Us

A 5D ascension timeline stands before us as enter our becoming. The ascension into 5d new Earth is something that can’t be properly predicted as each one of us are a variable. There is also a belief that there will be an event that will largely trigger our collective ascension.

With so many hearts in the equation the predictably of the event becomes nearly impossible. We can look at hearts and know where they intend to go, though not all hearts are yet on one accord. More people are awakening in droves.

As more and more come online to seek reunification a more accurate 5d ascension timeline can be surmised. As the energies rise our ability to see what is ahead will be increased. 

Those in the spiritual know are looking for the world to change as they change themselves. As we shift from inside along with Mother Earth we are creating this ascension journey as we go along.

The Divine has its idea of what it wants to achieve, and the hearts down here have manifestations of a greater world. We know what we want and what we see in our visualizations. 

Without a doubt, these are come crazy times to live in, to be sure. The 5d ascension timeline hangs on us. Here are 5 reasons the greatest show on Mother Earth can’t go … or start without us. 

#1 Anchor Light Into Mother Earth

Our light is anchoring into Mother Earth so she can rise up in vibration herself. We are ascending as a collective, with sights on having our collective consciousness uptick here in the near future. Mother Earth is depending on as many of her children as possible to embody as much light as possible for her to step in her next evolutionary experience. 

The next octave of experience will invite great wonders into our lives, as we open up to the energies that are catapulting us in the 5d new earth. Our world is about to transform and the souls are freshly into their becoming the new human, catalyzing everything. 

As we exhibit, practice, pray & breathe we take in light that is transferred into our fields. That light/energy, anchors from our feet down into Mother Earth. We are also receiving this energy from the Earth’s core as she is also changing from within. Her heart or magnetic core has been soaking up the solar sun rays and highly charged particles for almost a decade now more ferociously than ever before.

This collective light is creating a light grid of hearts for those watching and it is said we are creating the greatest show in the cosmos right now with our ascension journey into 5d new earth.

When we consume energy the way we did when we were simply a child of creation living as light/energy/information. This children of light, also children of the sun, are destined to help Mother Earth ascend. As we become more lighter, while being anchored, we assist Mother Earth. We add to her light, light she needs to fully realize the shift all over her spaces. 

We are light conduits for Mother Earth. We are anchoring 5th dimensional light and codes into the spaces we occupy on Earth. Information from the cosmos is coming in riding the cosmic waves and stellar stardust, to become intentions from the Most High for us to rise up. Imagine a light photon filled with information for the shift. You breath it in and a gift from the Universe fills you up.

As we anchor light into Mother Earth we are being changed. The shift hangs on us because we are the revelation of ages. As it is written, The Christ would …’come back to rule’. Christ Consciousness will rule, and all people will be spiritually free and sovereign on 5d new earth.

Tap into the Source And Transform

#2 Conscious Hearts Are Magnetizing A Greater Outcome

Our willing hearts are intending to magnetize a greater outcome for ourselves and brethren in this realm. Many of us are manifesting for a better end result. Though we don’t know what exactly the end result will be from all this, though we understand we have a part to play. As we take in more light our heart gains more power and we become more attractive magnetically. 

This allows humans to have a greater impact on what will be created from our attempts at laying ground for 5d new earth. The 5d ascension timeline currently has many hearts manifesting a greater world for everyone, this is assisting our creating it for ourselves. Magnetizing a greater outcome while we anchor light into Mother Earth and create a timeline for the shift.

Conscious hearts are drawing more potential for an awesome outcome for everyone. As we magnetize in our direction, we get more and more of what we want, collectively this manifests as us moving forward energetically as we intend on our ascension journey. 

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#3 Our Dreams and Visions Are Building On It

Our dreams and imaginings are laying some of the initial groundwork. As we intend our desired outcome, we are building suspense on our 5d ascension timeline. We magnetize our greater 5d new earth. We are further awakening, further driving us into our powerful new & exciting 5d resonance. 

Hearts are growing and transforming giving loving intent more power in this realm for change, being built on the dreams of those who seek reunification and harmony on Earth. 

With thousands on Mother Earth’s children investing in our new era and timeline for ascension so much love and light is being thrust into the collective light grid of Mother Earth. It is said that as we draw ourselves closer to this outcome, 5D fractals or pieces of the 5d grid are forming, like dreams frozen in time waiting to filled by a loving spectator.  

As more and more people put their love and effort into their 5d new earth it all comes together as a collective dream with Source and Mother Earth at the helm, making way for a divine space for God’s children to come home.

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Come Home To Divine Love

#4 Mother Earth Is Waiting On Us

Mother Earth awaits her children and even she waits on us to be ready. 

It is said that there is already a 5d space available for us to call home, we only need open ourselves up to it. The spirit of the new is all around us. Mother Earth has made way for the winds of change to brush her from corner to corner and humans are feeling this as gentle nudging to heal and find the center within. 

As we dream Mother Earth gets a grander and greater view of what we want to become. As she gets a better idea of the divine world that is growing beneath the feet of the newly awakened, she shifts. She also shifts her timeline for the shift.

We are creating a timeline for the shift with her, we are fulfill our desires for the ages becoming what we are to become to make our place on 5d new earth.

Can’t Seem To Find Your Ascension Partner? Let This Soul Draw Them For You

Let the stars point the way to your soul mate …

#5 Our Patience

After 2012 we entered a very highly lite, highly charged area in space. Many refer to it as the photon belt, 2021/2022 marked our arrival into an even denser part of this phenomena. These entries and exits of this Photon belt are said to mark the ending and beginning of ages that go back far in Earth’s history.

Our patience is needed here, for we believe that the energies will only get stronger and stronger. Further increasing the vibrations of the realm and thrusting us forward on our evolutionary path. 

These cycles of time have always come here and there, just like the turning of the seasons. Be patient with yourself. Seek inner stillness and guidance from angels, spirit guardians or your higher self. 

They are suppose to peak again in July 2022, for another chance for us to go the distance in our ascension journey with the help of powerful blessings from on high. 

Creation’s experience is experienced and born through you, fresh never before done and newly introduced to the Creation. Exciting huh? 

The 5d ascension timelines depends on us. It depends on if our hearts can survive our ascension journey and the times to come. 

Why Do People Meditate? – 3 Core Strengths In Spirit

Uncover The Greater Soul

Why do people meditate? What do they seek to gain in themselves? The spirit of the energy of the mind and the heart are constantly moving. 

To slow down these powers in the human takes effort. Taking time simply to create a safe space to wind down allows you to recharge and regroup. 

Sleep is not always enough, as many people do not get enough sleep living busy lives in this modern 3d era. 

Giving your body another opportunity to reset is the purpose for those who meditate. Though a calming of the bodies energies is the focus most of the time. There are slightly different function and focuses that can be practiced and have the action still called a meditation. 

In working with our energies, essentially we are working with spirit. The power and life of us.

Here after reading we will understand 3 Core strengths in spirit that are to be gained from meditation. 

Meditate for Emptiness

The mind is a powerful tool to facilitate the organization of consciousness. To keep up with consciousness itself, it must be able to move at the speed of light. As nerve impulses in the physical body’s brain, thoughts come and go. This constant randomness is ever present in the modern 3d human. 

Consciousness, nerves and the brain are the abstract-to-concrete bridging of our aliveness wired in our body vehicle. Hard wired into consciousness itself can definitely be overwhelming. 

Doing what we can to calm that entire process of constant thinking & randomness works wonders for mental health. A little vacation from constant motion feels very good in the body and turns out is quite therapeutic. 

Meditation has taken over the west, after only being taken seriously in the East and indigenous cultures.

Not too long away are the days when the modern 3d industrialized world gave no merit and legitimacy to meditation and its place in spiritual practice for the human. Though now, things are changing and the shift is upon us. 

When we meditate for emptiness, we shut off the light on the work day in a sense and allow that which is constantly working a break from the forever grind that goes on 24 hrs a day.

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Emptiness in Spiritual Work

Emptiness is used in practice through meditation to find the center and balance. Finding calmness in this center helps us open up to ourselves. This emptiness creates a space for you to communicate with higher aspect and self. 

Emptiness in spiritual work is critical to the overall quality of the practice, weighing heavily on one’s ability to find stillness within. Here we meditate for emptiness. Sometimes all we have taken on is too much, and it is time to make our cups empty again.

Why do people meditate for emptiness? Those filled cups are all we have learned over the years. Sometimes your thoughts on your knowledge and what you know can be a hindrance to learning something new. A peace meditation is needed to focus on peace and the picture of what a peaceful experience could look like in your conscious experience.

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Meditate for Peace

One of the most troubling and treacherous of running ramparts thoughts in the mind are those from originating from the spirit of anger. 

Anger can be a dominating force in the mind, in terms of its place next to other thoughts. It rages, and bullies other thought into irrelevance. Its warpath will produce its own feelings and thoughts thereof, and distort thoughts and feelings present. 

Anger is a spirit/or demon/or ill virtue. It has a temperament of its own, and thus virtually a life of its own as a spirit.

Anger is common in our society and there is a grand need for peace. Peace is one of the main reasons people meditate. To fight this “demon” if you will. An alive spirit within, that is a part of you. It is you. Though know that it is energy, and you always have the power to change your energy. Though an angry spirit will resist and will persist. 

The anger must be brought up to cleanse. As it is written, everything that God did not make will be rooted up. In this case, the bad children, more on them later. 

Some would wonder why do people meditate in a world that is one big distraction. It would definitely seem impossible having all the senses being attacked by some form of input.

Worthy of your eyes and ears or not, we still must hear it here in the modern 3d world. That’s why it’s time to shut it all off. To meditate for peace sometimes it can be necessary to cut all ALL outside stimuli.

Make Meditation A Part of your Daily Practice

Master Your Daily Meditations

Purchase Peace from Meditation

Peace is a great purchase for the soul. Just as the body becomes weary from physical activity, so too does the spirit become fatigued from overactivity in the spirit. Unruly souls that lash out and over exert themselves for anger are taxing on the spirit, burning more life-force energy.

A peaceful soul can preserve life-force and sees the benefits of stillness and silence as a treatment for the soul. Using these towards self mastery will create a solid foundation for the renewing of peace on a regular basis. The body will naturally meditate for peace and stillness when first starting out in their practice.

Meditate to practice concentration

As we quell anger, we learn what makes our angry spirits calm. After we have felt a height of peace we become attracted to the taste of it. Coming back to peace is the coming back to home. Is it not?

Anyone, I will say who enjoys the thought of coming home after a long sojourn can attest to the transition of feelings when we enter that place. 

Practicing peace you will find that you strengthen your ability to concentrate. To concentrate we must be skillful in quieting the mind and calming the thoughts and emotions. 

When concentrating while doing anything we are giving it our full focus. When training the spirit it is imperative that we give our full focus. This way the benefits of this practice will transfer all throughout life. 

As the mind is needed it is focused. Having good patterns and habits of doing this will only serve you well when seeking to get things done or really get into your practice. 

Concentrating on Meditative practice

Concentrating with anything requires practice to be efficient at it and meditation is no different. Taking out faculties through these motions will enable the body by muscle memory to fall into good practice and technique maintaining good form for optimal concentration.

Whether we meditate for peace, meditate for emptiness, we are training the same muscles, in slightly different ways and approaches.

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Why Meditation Now?

As the world wakes up, and the energies rise we are being corralled back into the heart. To those who know, see and live this, we are being called. 

As we gather light for the shift, managing it all becomes more and more daunting of a task if you stray too far from the center for too long. Our thoughts and emotions are like young children who will run off if we let them. 

Keeping a constant eye is key, and a disciplined due diligence will be needed to maintain awareness. Endeavoring with our practice will keep meditation a constant and our peace/anger at manageable levels. 

In these times we are taking staunch responsibility for our actions and our energetic imprint on the Creation. We know what we do here reverberates throughout the universe. Our spiritual health is more on our minds with the potential for reunifying, we want everything we bring to the table to be balanced, fully loved and mastered. As we want to bring lovely extraordinary human dreams to full consciousness anything lower vibrating will not make it. 

The state of our soul after death/pre ascension is very important to those with a consciously evolving soul. We want to have the best chance at leaving the most positive impact. A good meditation practice will assisting in honing a desired and conscious response to our actions. An everyday peace meditation should be as routine as brushing your teeth, working out or taking a vita-round every. 

Why do people meditate? … Because the world turns over to its higher resonating version of being. We rise up from inside out. We stand calm in the eyes of the storm that is the shift.

Master Meditation, Unlock Your Divine Presence & Move Into A Higher Resonance Of Being …

Conscious Creation – 3 Imagination Gems for Consciously Creating

Conscious Creation is our purpose. What will we create? The hearts of those creatively seeking to transform the picture painted on themselves through self transformation are at large. The greatest of human creations awaits.

Along all the many marvels created by men their was an idea that sparked the acquisition of what was needed to foment that vision in the physical. Where there was great need, there was the desire to create change. Where there was great tragedy and lack there was a need to create joy and abundance. 

We as conscious creators create things to replace that which is broken or lost. We are alive for the purpose of creating. To create in everything that we do and with everything that we are makes us the spirit of that very Child of Creation that is birth from non other that the spirit of the Creation itself. 

Here we look at the family of conscious creators and 3 gems of the imagination we can use to consciously create. 

How to create using the imagination

The imagination is the soul’s paint brush and canvas. As we open up to the receptive powers housed in our imagination we summon possibly what once, was not. We draw from Source in an even more subtle way. You may not know what exactly will come through when we summon and create in this way, but we know what we want.

We know how what we want will make us feel, and that feeling guides us in the summoning. For attracting here we will need to clear our mind as well. 

The imagination is a wonder of the human experience. A cosmic wonder of open ended proportions. As open ended as the Creatrix itself.  Just as the light that shines from a ball of light or photon shines from its center where there seemingly looks to be nothing there, the Imagination draws in through intuitive receptive powers to create from what would seem like nothing at all. 

And in that nothing we will find everything once again. 

Intuition is the backbone of invention

#1 Clear The Mind In A Solace of Serenity 

Clear the mind. In your mind see only an empty cube. This focuses your sight while your eyes are  closed. You are consumed with its filling. Its filling is nothing seen. Emptiness itself. Stay still here breath… 

You don’t want the directive mind to get in the way here. Strongly assert your attention on the emptiness inside the cube. 

As you breathe and intend to create (receive), see breath funnel into the top of the cube. 

Create whatever beautiful scene around the cube that is peaceful. Decorate around the cube with  pastures, natural landscapes, dreamy places with a grand and chill vibe. 

The emptiness in the cube is Home Base. HQ. The Dug out. 

Always return your consciousness back to the emptiness in the cube. This is your still point. Your rest between creations. Your home within a home. 

Your quiet place is a creation unto itself, with you sitting inside. Now with a serene place to open up and be peaceful, with space to open up to the imagination’s open ended nature.

Don’t Be Fooled And Poisoned!

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#2 Breathe Deeply To Draw Into Ourselves Creation’s Light

Everything is made from Light. All matter is light compacted or “made dense”. When we break down all matter it is only more particles and space. Here we are using our imagination to fill ourselves with light. This will naturally increase our vibration. 

As  you continue to breath into the cube you allow yourself to be receptive to the flow of universal source energy available to you in that moment in the spaces that you occupy.  As you increase the vibration you become magnetically more attractive to the creation you desire. Intuition is the backbone of invention.

Our imagination, in this exercise, will let in more light. As you breathe, see more energy and light particles come into the cube/self as you breath in. This here isn’t actually all imagination.

As your mind intends to move the light into the body, the energy will move. Energy follows the mind and intent. With Source we are consciously creating an outcome. It is similar to how the Jedi interact with the force.

Read More on How The Relationship the Jedi Have With the FORCE Is VERY SIMILAR To Ours With SOURCE CREATION

You are using your imagination here, to absorb light. You can only see it through your imagination, but just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean that nothing is going on. These powers exist though naturally invisible the naked eye. 

Here we want the receptive mind to take the lead on this one. We want the receptive mind to receive the inspiration you have already been given through the in draw of breath and receive what it can from the ether that is great, beautiful & brand new. This is your creation.

A summation of the relationship, pliability & flow that you share with the Creation and the imaginative spirit that was born alongside it. Our receptive mind is more free to flow in from the new birthing through Source. 

The in draw above the cube represents the priming of power through your consciousness in summoning what it is you wish to create. You fuel the in draw with your intention, love/light capacity, vibration & level of acceptance/belief.

We have created a magical scene to bring form out of our the practice when we consciously create. A gem in the eyes of those who believe they create worlds on end when the time is right.

#3 Transfer Your Creation To The Forever Place

Anything you create here in this realm, in the physical you will not be able to take with you to the 5th dimension, just as it is written. Any adornment that you are intending to use to decorate a creation must be transferred into the Forever Place before it can be eligible to be enjoyed on an infinite level.

Whether a thing, or a dream or whatever… Hold that thing in a place of the heart. Your creation, when placed there will be held in spirit. As it is held in spirit, Love is the purchase pricing for holding. As you love more and more the creation has more power to stay standing were it is.

As your love and memory for it wanes, so too does the lights that line the streets of that dream. These conscious creations are powered on your love and light.

What can be more exciting than creating romance and adventure. Build your world.

Here you can let you conscious creation & manifestations run wild. A 5th dimensional manifestation will have no limits. Its like going into a toy store and expecting to always find the most exciting toys imaginable. 

Unlock your Hidden Potential as a Healer!

Travel Through the Healing Heart ….

Script its creation into a manifestation script. Create a dream about what is being created and see what it looks like there. A scripting adds drama. Drama will make memories. Good and exciting memories hang on your heart. Memories that hangs on your heart will ensure that that dream lasts lifetimes. This conscious creation still stay with you as a gem throughout your journey.

Aim high with this divine creation. We shoot high with divine creations in hopes that any physical manifestation serves us from our work in building energy and flow for another creation. The best physicality has to offer will be nothing compared to when corporeality reaches it divine state. 

Make sure this blows you away and if it doesn’t you have either not grasped what it means to be divine, or you just don’t know yourself enough to know what would bring you to tears. 

Life has color …

See a divine and sparkling incorruptible new world that shines before your eyes.  Stretch those creative muscles as we go further then we have went ever with our creations. 

Expect the most divine of ends to hit you. See the greatest of gifts bestowed upon you. GO wild.

See a divine outcome open up everything and give the best and most outrageously wonderful and blissful outcome ever. Feel unbelievable and hysterical elation when coalescing in out creative flow. Then feel it burst open even more until you physically feel that your limit for drawing in love/light would likely over exert yourself.

This is driving our vibration higher and higher in line with the cosmic climate. 

Using conscious creation as a way to express your reverence for the divine can be fun and magical. Consciously creating a pathway for you to build a relationship with Source is the most powerful relationship to can garner. Using you imagination to create is one of the joys of being alive. 

Learn Consciously Create on Your Ascension Journey And Beyond

How do you believe in GOD? – 3 Types of Belief in GOD AND THE MOST HIGH

How do you believe in God? Do you impress your religious or spiritual thoughts on the supreme consciousness of all alive beings? 

Do you minimize the infiniteness of the multidimensional mind with your feelings on why it should or would judge those whom you have?

In this time, spiritual beliefs and even religious styles of practice are associated with varying beliefs on God/The Divine. There are different ways even within sects that claim to have the same association/or type will choose to practice.

Are you limiting these ideas to your religion alone or are you trying to branch out your learning. Are you taking simply the ritual approach or are you more incline to group study and theory?

Those who are absorbing knowledge of religion, spiritual or gnostic concepts will have different approaches that will shape their interpreting of spiritual literature and scripts. How one’s evolves in that learning structure will define their spiritual profit. Your faith illustrates your relationship.

Here we will take a look at how we have evolved in our belief with another look at how our belief in God serves us.

What do you believe and The Most High

Do you practice anything, any action actively in your life that you feel enables you to either better know God in yourself or otherwise or helps you do what perhaps you feel is done to honor your chosen deity or exalting of Source itself? Our religion, spirituality, desires and beliefs on God will influence how we practice if at all.

The human body in this modern age has many quirky proclivities to deal with and our practice helps us shape the nature of what energy is being communicated to the body from the spirit. This connection and communication you will hear me refer to as simply the “spirit embody”. 

How do you practice by your beliefs in a divine power? Do you simply pray as for 3d things and as for power? Do you ritualize your communion with spirit and the Most High. Do you sojourn with nature as your venue for the honoring of spirit and life. Do you light fires for Gods at alter, because you honor their service to your own reunification? 

There are many ways in which those who believe commune with spirit. In the past those who believed those did not believe as they did were lead to believe that those “GODS” or figures from other religions were “demons” or “false Gods”.  In the new evolution of consciousness,  different religious beliefs on God have not thwarted our knowledge of discernment. 

Knowing what is good and right service, what good fruits are made when determining If a GOD or entity is a “trick of the enemy”.  Any being that serves in your reunification with The Creator/Source is a being that serves you.  How do you believe in GOD when the world has so many traps and tricks to lead you astray? With intuition and discernment.

Always use discernment when seeking new knowledge through religions and studying others faith. It’s okay to be afraid of those things at first.  BUT DO seek knowledge of GOD in other faiths. It may feel if you are entering the realm of another God. It may be arena of different Child Gods and Christs beings. But no, Same God Of All Ultimately, and any GOD you see IN FORM is a Child of the Most High. 

Consciousness/Source/Creation and the spirit of the Creation as a whole, as ONE (1) is the Most High. 

We are souls with the connection to the same energetic Source of all things as you as a human. The honoring of life may come in different colors and styles but it, surely, is the same life. 

A regular practice keeps in the mind to do things for the spiritual self. It is not enough to just state and have certain religious beliefs on God, but a practice puts you in the trenches and working nuts and bolts with what a human can to seek reunification. 

A human body needs to practice because in this modern 3D time there are more and more distractions created everyday. 

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General Belief In A Divine Power Or God

Innately we all share a founding belief that we are powered to live and watched over by our God or Creator.  A feeling… A sense? A story? For we have long been told stories of “GODS” existing and even other worldly beings with greater abilities being referred to as Gods.  It is here with us as a belief and within that there are many varying beliefs around God and its lore. 

People giving discourse on why their book is the right truth. It can be gathered that though we have some disagreements the consensus is clear amongst the majority.  We have a God or divine power, we come from it,  and will ultimately return to it.

Whether you are indoctrinated into a religion or not, you have a general idea that we are part of something very grand but have not fully been awakened to it as of yet.

In this time, we faster approaching a validation in our belief in a divine power. As our solar system prolongs its stay in the photon belt, blasting us with highly charged particles our vibrations are rising. Love, peace, patience, the conscious breath and belief in a divine power will help you coalesce with the energies that are here.

Everything within you should lead you to garner a belief in a divine power, seeing as that power is a part of you.

Your Personal Beliefs In God

Your personal beliefs in god, your desire to know, and what you ultimately believe around the issue will determine your zeal for reunification with the Creatrix.  Your personal beliefs around how you believe yourself to be a part of GOD if at all.

Your thoughts on how you could be closer to it.  Are you just digging into your religion or are you experimenting with the spirit?

Personally, what do you believe you are to do to serve the Most High?… Here in this realm?

Are you afraid of terms like Most high because of fear ideas that a religion has put into you about it?  Do you believe that the Source that powers all things in all realms has the temperament told you by a book and that that simply is the only truth? The truth of a wrathful God? 

Your personal beliefs on God will shape your true feelings on it. Whether you wish to take the fervent path towards reunification of the Creator seriously as much as possible, or just warm the bench on Sundays. 

The choice is yours. Your surroundings don’t matter, if the spirit of the desire is true. 

How true is that desire, and how hot does that fire burn?


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Non Religious Beliefs About God

Non religious beliefs about God are also very interesting when you really look at them. I personally have known agnostic individuals whom I had to pleasure to call my friends, and who have spoken honestly on their beliefs about The Creator. 

In many cases they simply believe, as everyone else does about the great and powerful infiniteness of God, Though they question this infiniteness, because of things within the religion put upon by men and leaders of men as laws or as truth on behalf The Most High. This is where the confusion is. Organized religions make laws and think they have the right to put’s God seal on it, when this Is not so. 

The actions of a man are the signs of the presence of God or not, and the actions of those who make such laws in our history has shown us were not the right candidates as they were not “Christ-like” enough.  Having the desires of modern men and not Christ or the Child of Creation spirit. How do you believe in god when the people who are to be the examples of God(Christ-like)for perhaps you to follow don’t have a clue what is needed for spiritual perfection?

Thus many are coming away from the churches and simply don’t agree with everything they have been told on The Creation. So they are permanently on the fence as far as organized religion until things seem to make more sense. 

Using faith to dismiss what doesn’t make sense is not what religion is supposed to be about. If something does not make sense then something what missed in translation or in interpretations, or concepts were missed altogether.

Sometimes even again, the impression of men’s interest and those who sought to use organized religions as a means to thwart intentions of many to their ends also has a place in that confusion. 

The spirit and the energy thereof is always the same. What’s different is how you work with it within yourself, if you are engaged in such things of the spirit at all. 

The non religious believers in God may not be as fervent about summoning in onto themselves like those who truly seek to quicken quickly, but the grace and kindness can transfer even amongst atheists. Who I have also had the pleasure of witnessing. 

Lack of a belief in God usually comes from pain, trauma and anger. What compels a man to state as a fact the non existence of something they cant see, though there are signs of all around you. All manner of unseen things you know to exist, with all manner of unseen things you know yourself to need, and also even with all manner of unseen things holding together by an unseen force.

And STILL..”I don’t believe in a God I don’t see”. It is the hubris of man that states that that God does not exist and it is only pain that compels that man to not believe. As is his thinking, out of anger, to choose to declare disbelief is their greatest and only known way to directly deny God. 

This is the only thing they can do to “get back “ at the Spirit of all things for allowing them to endure the pain that has rooted the feeling they are feeling towards the divine.  For if it is such a thing not to believe in, how can it be such a moving thing to talk about your belief in?

How do you believe in God when your heart is so full of pain and anger towards God? With time.

What will you create with spirit?

Different Religions and Their Beliefs

When looking at different religions and beliefs we notice that there is a consensus that we are GOD and that GOD is us. Relating to themselves the nature of the child of Creation. Being children of GOD and being a natural extension of it by some means or another. Though while possessing free choice, we can also choose to be the farthest away from God. 

A soul who makes such a choice makes it at their own peril for any alive being to come away from the Source leaves the potential to face a whole host of infirmities or worse particularly in this 3d frequency. 

For a civilizations having different religions and beliefs makes finding a common ground harder to come to. Though we can agree in most cases that we are a spiritual family that should be able to put away petty contrivances and grievances due to different points of view in doctrine. 

How do you believe in God and how does it affect your relationship and others? Whether religious or non religious beliefs of God are present, let us hope that the soul still has the decency and kindness engrained that religious or spiritual beliefs in god may have fomented.

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3 Powerful Ways To Grow Spiritually – Feeling Detections In Your Energy Field

Everything is energy. Everything within and everything all around us. Our thoughts, our feelings, are an alive energetic aspect of our being. Feelings are detections in our energy fields. Your feelings and emotions are receptive powers that receive information from all around you. The emotional field itself is highly intuitive by nature. Your energetic fields react to the energy they receive and thus you get information or detections by way of your feelings.

Using this knowledge can create powerful ways to grow spiritually if we are both listening and learning. Our senses are becoming more vivid and turning up in this time, as we are awakening to more of what it means to be spirit embodied. More senses for what we could not sense before means your feelings are becoming more astute in terms of its immediate realm. In this article we examine how we can grow spiritually by becoming familiar with the energies we pick up and how we react to them. We examine how feelings can help us grow spiritually in ways we may have missed on our journey in the past.

How to Process Feeling

Feel your emotions to process them. Feel them, as they are like a crying child, whom you must nurture. An aspect of yourself, disharmonious in nature, a wayward energy that has lost its purpose and way, most often due to trauma. We must feel them because they are us. They will give us clues into ourselves and unless you are being heavily medicated then they are not going away.

As we feel the feeling, and sit in it, we will eventually find the stem. The stem and then finally the root. The root will be the initial reason “why” these certain emotions are showing themselves. After finding the root, we can then pull up what is being a nuisance in our inner world. They are how you are being moved energetically, you need to understand why.

Our thoughts, emotion, and witness of the spirit move here or there, whilst there is an energetic relationship at play. This relationship is a dance between your thought, emotions, conscious choice and intent. Intuitive & imaginative conscious creation can present when thoughts wane and the receptive mind takes hold to improvise masterpieces. It is critical that we understand this instinctual potential to grow spiritually. 

Being able to feel in a physical body is a extraordinary wonder and to be alive to continually experience this natural phenomenon is a joy. Aliveness is a gift every second we are able to experience it. Feelings are the receptive powers that come along with the package and are a great and enlivening part of that experience. 

Dealing with Bottled Up Feelings

These are just feeling that you bottled up and put away in yourself somewhere. You didn’t want to feel them. You didn’t know what to do with them you just wanted them to go away. Energetically you could have blockages in your major energy centers because of them. You didn’t know what to do with them when they first made you feel how they made you feel. You chose to just forget about them and try to make it to where they did not bother you anymore by stuffing them down and temporarily removing them from your conscious reality.

Unfortunately they are not going anywhere.

As you lighten in the right way with self love, compassion and thankfulness, you will soon have the courage and strength of forgiveness to transmute your trauma and face it once and for all. You command what and how they should be in yourself, how they are to be dealt with within you. Through your intention and in the retraining of your subconscious mind, through mastery you create a path of spirituality while growing spiritually. Combatting any mental/emotional encumbrance to peace.

In this time these things will be coming up for you to deal, once and for all. They need to be brought up so you can come to terms with that feeling in your eventual understanding of yourself. Feel those feelings like never before. Feel what it feels like to live in that reality, feel those feeling and know what powers your world in that now.

You are a product of those feelings, thoughts and beliefs that you hold. This is your reality. You choose, allow or command it. It is better that you command it, knowing what you want and how you want to shift and grow spiritually.

When all the feeling have been felt, and when all the tears have been washed away. As our bodies experience and overcome they become more resilient to pain, and better yet, become accustomed to avoiding it with proper boundaries. 

Feelings Are Detections in Your Energy Fields

Feel to understand.

Your Emotions?.. Tendencies… What disrupts your fields?

When you feel something, your senses fire. Whether through sound or something felt physically/emotional/mentally. You have discovered something in close proximity to you that as a result of either its presence or actions, has caused a change in you.

You unconsciously made this choice without knowing you made a choice. The detection of the received by the feeling is not the unconscious change. Only when you react without conscious choice, your energy was spent, and like a wound must be mended, or in this case energy replaced. You may not have chosen to receive it, but inside yourself you have reacted to it. That’s ok. You are understanding what moved you in an energetic sense. 

Being still and giving yourself the chance in the moment to really feel what you are feelings and really take note of how you feel in the body. Do you have family who is similar? Do any of these tendencies you find tend to be hereditary? Or perhaps even learned in your environment.

To feel what is being felt is so important. Knowing what detections feel like in your energy field can give you the best chance at defending from an attack if necessary. Obviously, these are ways to not only grow spiritually but also in terms of defending yourself from physical attacks.

Timing can mean everything, and you want to have the detection first so that you can make the right decision at the right time. Intuition is everything here. A receptive power, Intuition is the abstract feeling mechanism creating our sixth sense for things that do not have a tangible investigative interface.

How To Recognize Detections in your Energy Field

Understanding helps shape our personal growth. Understanding will shape the style at which you can potentially pursue your path to spiritual mastery. As you self study to grow spiritually you are revealing you to yourself. This gives you clues into the emotional/energetic tendencies of the energy conscious matrix (soul, inner spirit) that is you. 

Understanding the feelings that offset your energies is an indicator that should warrant further study. Offering more light/consciousness into who we are is what this changing of the times is all about. Finding new and old ways to grow spiritually

Let peace be your path to spiritual growth.

Feel to Grow Spiritually

To grow spiritually from here we take what we have learned and use that knowledge to build a path. On this path we are conscious and intent on learning and reaching spiritual milestones on our journey. They could be that you meditated longer than you ever have. Perhaps you can feel more of your chakra activity than you could before. Perhaps even you are just more thankful and feel more blessed more often. 

Our spiritual growth shows what has worked on our journey to master calming our mind. It has let us know what has served to relax us, and what resonates with our style of change. Honoring how we embrace our shift into the new paradigm. 

Feel to grow spiritually and know yourself more. Feeling is a wonder here in this experience. Feeling can definitely be a pain, but this shouldn’t hinder our spiritual development. Feel your way into knowing yourself better. 

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Ascension Prayer #1 – Prayer To Ascend With Mother Earth

This ascension prayer is used to help shift you onto a path that has you consciously claim your personal multidimensionality and heritage. For those who are working on their personal ascension and Mother Earth’s transition.

This prayer to ascend has us we speak to build forth the framework of manifested intentions in our ascension journey. Step by step we are working towards unveiling a truth of our spirit that has not been seen before.

Not like this, as we ascend with our bodies into a dazzling new form. Here is a prayer to ascend with Mother Earth as she moves to transition into her new resonance.

Prayer Helps Ascension Quickening

Here we have the first of many affirmative ascension prayers that will be used to help quicken ourselves into a more brilliant path of becoming. As our effort continues we catalyze to ourselves and unto everyone on the planet a greater outcome that sees us all ascend together.

This prayer to ascend with Mother Earth has you align soul paths with those who believe they are here to be the change.

The voice is powerful in moving the body and setting forth how we choose to move.  Our advance is measured in our efforts to lighten, enlighten & vibe higher. Any prayer to ascend should really move the spirit.

Not just in a “woo woo” way but in a real way. Being energetically moved is common which means feeling an energetic response as we state the prayer slowly and honestly to ourself or out loud. Feel free to change the worlds or titles that will make you feel more comfortable.

The bottom line is that we believe what we are saying and we have made a honest choice in our hearts to shift out to the doldrums of the lower vibrations by any means necessary.

Prayer for the Ascending Collective

As we pray as a collective we add light to the collective consciousness grid of Mother Earth. Our collective light makes such an impact on Mother Earth. Each willing hearts who is consciously absorbing, holding & anchoring the light within themselves, as well as seeking to master/transmute that which does not amount to light within themself. This is how our prayers help ascension journey and the star seed mission.

Use this prayer along side other techniques & methods to vibe higher. It is best used in conjunction with other methods that cleanse the spirit & help maximize the love capacity of an individual. All these collectively in the body and spirit help you charge light in the body to power your ascension journey. Our prayer to ascend you higher should have you feeling into these words and intentions.

Consciousness Shifting Ascension Prayer

Speak out this prayer with confidence and a “knowing” that you are the being in which it states as you choose to be.


I am alive 
I choose to shift
I choose to embody the greater change that the universe has for us

I am love
I have reached a greater capacity of love
My light is the love that I am 

I am the life of the child of Creation
I am that which was set to live in the realms
I am master of my realm in all dimensions

I am the world server
I serve the Reunification of Mother Earth and her people with the Creator
I am the light of the world

I breathe in and draw source power
As I come ever closer to you
Oh Most High, Draw yourself unto me
Giver of Life, Seed of Consciousness

Let me draw unto you
As I did when I was a child free of pain
Free of that which drew me away from the belief of you

I know where I come from
I come from you
I am your child
Thank you & I love you

Forever and Forever
As my eye continues to witness my aliveness
& You

As Ascension Prayer For MANIFESTING with Greater Speed Your Personal Ascension

These are the worlds of the Child of Creation….Now and forever

Pray for Mother Earth’s Transition

We are all awakening at a very incredible rate. The world is changing and we are not longer vibing’ with excepting things in the world that no longer work or only work to serve a select few.

When we pray for Mother’s Earth transition we put our love and heart focus into our personal ascension, creating a paradigm shift in our current socioeconomic landscape and the ascension of the planet.

We take upon more light for the world to see. More light as light conduits for Mother Earth to step up into the next octave of experience and being.

We will be putting together more prayers for ascension and the budding ascension collective. I  use prayers like this one all the time to help stay vibing’ faster and higher in as many now moments as possible.

As Mother Earth makes her transition she will looking to take as many of her children who are hip to the new vibrational energetic climate using prayers to ascend like this in their practice. The first of many ascension prayers to inspire and help you believe that we are in the time to legend.

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